Compare PCBA service from China and Thailand

PCBA service compares have related to many factors

Not only require the high quality PCB board, but also consider the SMT technology.
All related PCBA board factors can be very small or big.
So this paper, we are going to our understand PCBA service different between China and Thailand.
Frist of all, Frank want to clear that all this paper is under our expertise.
If there were some incorrect, please contact us and we will correct it.

The infrastructure can fast PCBA industry developing

China has had a longer time to put its infrastructure in place than many of the other Asian Nations with it competes.
If you have placed a visit to China PCBA plant, you will find that most of the infrastructure was advanced than Thailand.
You know the PCBA service industry is so special that depend on location infrastructure.

The government factor affects PCBA service

You know all PCBA companies have to communicate with locating government.
If locate government want to support PCBA companies, the better PCBA service will be provided.
Or there were so hard to deliver good quality PCBA board.
The locate government are a welcome PCBA investment, and have provided many supports to PCBA industry.
So in this word, its government is stable and very pro-business.
Its government is stable and very pro-business.

Consider supporting industries effect PCBA service

You may think this point similar with above government factor.
In fact, the supporting industries are more important.
That’s the reason why so hard disk drive PCBA companies have chosen Thailand.
Even top 5 hard disk drive brands have chosen Thailand build PCBA factory.
The supporting industries can provide biggest support to the PCBA plant successful operation.
Compare PCBA service from China and Thailand