Why there were more PCBA plants in Thailand?

Thailand has more and more PCB assembly companies.

Especially in Hard Disk Drive industry, Thailand have top 5 manufacturers.
And the produce markup is number two globally.
In some words, the Thailand PCBA industry has important contribute to globally.
So this paper will discuss the PCBA Thailand topic, if you have any idea, please contact us.

The reason why discuss Thailand PCBA

We have mentioned Thailand is the largest player in hard disk drives.
There were too many factors can resulting this situation.
So 4MCPCB experts want to more new electronic designer to know really PCBA service in Thailand.

Top two factors related to PCBA Thailand

The first of all of industry, location factors.
You know more companies can support each in short time.
This is very important to cost down for most PCBA cases.
Then, Thailand is near to China.
Most of Thailand PCBA companies can get low cost and high quality ICs and other components.
Why there were more PCBA plants in Thailand?