The benefit of PCB Flying Probe Test

Why we discuss The benefit of PCB Flying Probe Test

If you have read 4MCPCB share article about PCB Flying Probe Test, if you want detail technology, please go back to review.
More and more startup companies choose PCB manfuacturer from China.
And most of them do not know PCB flying probe test.
This paper, we will continue to discuss this topic, the benefits of PCB Flying Probe Test.

PCB flying Probe Test method without requiring testing points

PCB Flying Probe Test machine can access component pins directly.
If you have viewed the IOT PCB test method, you will find that the test points have design before.
This means you should consider the PCB test point when you choosing IOT test.
So, PCB flying probe test method do not this issue.
Because The flying probe test machine can through the automated test point probing without requiring test points.

The PCB flying probe test can use VIAs s as test points

The PCB flying probe test uses beds-of-nails to improved test coverage.
Most important, this method can allow use beds-of-Nash over in-circuit tests.
This means you do no need pause the PCB test to improved PCB coverage.
In other words, the birds-of nails test the views of the PCB board.
If you use other PCB test method, you cannot use vials as embedded test points.
Thereby curtailing the need for test points.

Flying probe test use in PCB for handheld devices

We have discussed two benefits from the test point.
Then we want to consider the PCB board design.
You know, in handheld devices have become more and more small.
So the PCB for handheld and mobile devices also meet in smaller size.
In other words, there were no additional area for test point.
Because the PCB board for handheld device is a really precious commodity.
All PCB design and manufacturing process must consider using effective and extremely carefully.
The benefit of PCB Flying Probe Test