Why Startup companies more dependable a PCB manufacturer?

Startup companies more dependable a PCB manufacturer

Consumer Electronic Companies become more professional.
Special recent years, more and more start up companies were focused on research products function or performance.
Most of the time, those startups need a high dependable PCB manufacturing supply chain.
To ensure successfully their products.

The reason why startups do depend PCB manufacturer

If you have visited a startup company, and through the new consumer electronic developing.
You will find that most of the time PCB custom design also needs PCB manufacturer support.
Because there was no professional engineer have a rich PCB designer or manufacturing experience.
The Even PCB assembly also needs PCB vendor to support.
That’s the reason why so many PCB manufacturers provide a PCBA service from China.

Flexible PCB board manufacturing requirement

We have only the reason for startups, then discuss from PCB manufacturer.
If you have read circuits article before, you will find that the flexible PCB manufacturing has unique requirements.
Most of rigid PCB manufacturers cannot produce good quality, flexible PCB board.
Because flexible PCB boards are highly customized, and the myriad material and fabrication options combined with individual design requirements.

This means the unique requirements only a few PCB manufacturers can build.
That’s the reason why most of flexible PCB manufacturers have each own long cooperate customers.
Why Startup companies more dependable a PCB manufacturer?