Why China PCB assembly services developing so fast?

three reasons why China PCB assembly services developing so fast.

Some reasons related to the growth trends of PCB assembly services

You know the China economy has faster speed, faster than most developing countries.
Especially in manufacture industry, have the fast developing speed.
Also occur in PCB & PCB assembly service industry.
In some Mfg research reports, China has over half PCB assembly market share in the world.
And most of PCBA companies are located in Southern China.
So this paper will discuss three reasons why China PCB assembly services developing so fast.

The PCB assembly services demand of downstream industry increase

Now each China industry is developing fast.
In other words, the PCB assembly services demand also have increased.
Specially in some new energy industry, like electronic vehicle, smart home.
Most of the startups in the smart home industry did not have much PCB assembly experience.
This means the PCB assembly services have become more important, and the demand have insurance.

The industrial transfer from developing countries.

PCB & PCB assembly industries are very traditional industry.
Most developed countries look PCB assembly industry as pollution industry.
And have strict policies for most PCB assembly services companies.
For most developing countries, lower labor cost and manufacturing, developing demand is a big advantage.
In pass three decades, there were some PCB assembly companies located in South China.

The positive environmental policy from China government

You know the environmental policy have changed in pass three decades.
In pass years, most located governments list the economy, developing at first.
But now, all China located governments have created the green economy.
That’s the reason why Chinese government have an environmental protection policy.
Two main parts of environmental protection policy.

One restricts the low end PCB type, specially some heavy polluted companies.
Then encourage high end PCB assembly services.
Those high end services like PCB assembly service, multilayer PCB, HDI PCB, flexible PCB and so on.
three reasons why China PCB assembly services developing so fast