Audio PCB designer should familiarly to manufacture process

Why 4MCPCB experts should discuss audio PCB?

In this paper, we are going to introduce audio PCB.
We have discussed FPC manufacturer Final Fabrication process discussion, if you have interest, please go back to have a read.
To audio PCB type, FPC is the one of PCB type and almost the high end product.
If you have searched on Google, you can not get ideally result.
Because most of the pages were discussing how to design an audio PCB or audio PCB layout.
Of course design and layout process also consist, but not all.

The audio PCB designer should familiarly to manufacture process

From our audio PCB customers, designing a good performance audio PCB is not easy.
It’s remains a challenge for most green hands.
In the audio PCB design circle, the audio PCB design was still often considered a bit of a black art.
This means that you should have to build a pix of audio PCB to produce before you become a designer.
You should know all audio PCB manufacturing process and then design a high quality noise free loudspeaker.

Audio PCB manufacture affects to heat sinks

You know some high end loudspeakers have a lot of IC and other components.
And those IC will pull a lot of power, then the resister must handle those.
This time the temperature will be increased, that’s the reason why audio PCB manufacture should consider heat sinking.
A good audio PCB can keep the idea temperature.

The audio PCB can affect its signals

If you have a loudspeaker with plenty of hum, check the audio PCB board.
Because just 5mv can cause those hum.
So, during the audio PCB assembly process, avoid in and out adding signals to and from IC’s.
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Because it can run parallel on the PCB, then cause oscillations.
Audio PCB designer should familiarly to manufacture process