How to choose a right car speaker?

Car speaker for automotive PCB industry

As consequence of automotive PCB industry development, more and more drivers choose custom car speaker.
But how to choose a good car speaker?
So this paper will from a drive to discuss car speaker.

The necessary of car speaker

Now more and more drivers want better music during driving.
That’s the reason why car speaker has increased market share.
In some word, car speaker is an indispensable equipment in the vehicle sound system.
Especially in young drivers’ group, a good car speaker is necessary.

The importance of car speaker

You know the car speaker has some difference with normal loudspeaker.
Due to install space limited for car speaker, require high performance rigid PCB or flexible PCB board.
All music, sound through the car speakers, that the reason why we should consider more factors related it’s performance.
In other words, the car’s speaker plays a decisive role in quality, features, sound quality throughout the sound system.

How to choose a right car speaker?

To be honest, this is a very hard question.
Because there were no exact 100 percent list to judge. Ever have its own rules.
So we will from electronic products, especially consider the lifetime.
Usually, the car speaker size is the bigger the better.
You know the large diameter speaker can perform better at the low frequency part.
And consider your car speaker install space, choose the largest one.
Common multimedia speaker subwoofer mostly between 3 to 5 inches.

Then is the performance of car speaker.
You know the high end car speaker has a circuit board. and can transient lower distortion and better sound quality.

Last but not the least, we should choose the right car speaker according to the actual situation of our own car.
If you just want to listen some music, you may do not need a hi-fi car speaker.
How to choose a right car speaker?