Do you know How to measure a good car speaker?

How to measure a good car speaker?

For most normal people, there were no idea about the measurable way to car speaker.
In professional audio expert view, the right evaluation criteria are whether the reproduction can restore the real effect of live music.
But this criteria also very hard for most guys, don’t worry, read deeply and know how to measure a good car speaker in few steps.

Some difference car speaker reviews from differing people

You know, to evaluation music playback quality of car speaker, it’s hard process.
Because differences between objective test and subjective evaluation.
If you ask some car audio professional often evaluate the merits of car speaker from technical.
In fact the technical parameter comparison is the most simple way to judge.

The technical parameter comparison is the simple way

As well know, the car speaker has international standards.
It’s necessary to check the car speaker standard with your supplier or search on Google.
You know even the PCB board, in some car speaker standard also have some unique requirement.
Usually, if a car speaker technical has reached the international standards, then can judge a good set of equipment.

Use instruments to measure car speaker

In car speaker experts view, use instruments to measure is recommended.
There were many instruments measure car speakers, but the most use were below:
We can use spectrum analyzer, sound pressure meter and other measuring instruments to evaluate.
If you want to know the quality, you can ask supplier the which automotive PCB board have used.
Sometime, the more layer PCB board can provide better performance.
Do you know How to measure a good car speaker?