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The latest research of rigid PCB raw material market share

Do you know the raw rigid PCB material? The main raw material of rigid PCB is CCL. CCL, short for copper clad laminate. Its main made up of copper foil, glass fiber, resin and other materials. As the essential material for fabricating rigid PCB board. Also can use flexible CCL for manufacturing flexible PCB board. […]

How to use a photoplotter transfer PCB circuit image

All photo film steps must in dark room The darkroom should be control temperature and humidity. Because those two factors related to the photo film performance, this means determine the reality of the image copper PCB board. Most of China multilayer PCB fabrications use a photoplotter transfer PCB circuit image. This kind image film is […]

The lamination copper process of multilayer rigid PCB

Now most of multilayer rigid PCB manufacturing process through Automative machine operating. The laminate copper process also has this character. So this paper Emma wants to discuss the lamination process of multilayer rigid PCB. The prepare of the laminate copper process You know laminated copper process should use the press operator machine. The worker will […]

Inner layer image process for multilayer rigid PCB

Photoresist material introduces Photoresist material is a critial multilayer PCB material for multilayer rigid PCB Inner layer image process. In the outer layer imager article, we have mentioned this type raw PCB material. And in the clean room, the workers loaded the cleaned copper panel. Then skillfull coat with a thin layer of photosensitive film. […]

Top 4 common sense during image inner PCB

We have discussed how to image the outer layers, is it similar process in image inner layer circuit? Different flexible PCB engineers have differing opinions. This paper will focus on Top 4 common sense during image inner PCB. Only multilayer rigid PCBs have image inner layers process You know most PCBs were through a panel […]

some related factor of the drill rigid PCB process

We have introduced the prepare stack up of rigid PCB drill process, this paper, we will discuss some related factor of the drill rigid PCB process. First factor is the drill size of rigid PCB. Different hole size should choose differ stack up solution. The smaller diameter hole can stack up more panel PCB boards. […]

Five factors impact to the rigid PCB drill process

How to Drilling the holes for rigid PCB? This paper will discuss Five factors impact to the rigid PCB drill process. First of all we should know some common sense to drill machine. Almost all rigid PCB drill machines were computer controlled. That’s the reason why so many PCB engineers or designers call it as […]

Prepare the stacking up for drilling rigid PCB hole

Why we should discuss the stack up for drilling rigid PCB hole? One reason is that most rigid PCB manufacturers will drill several panel raw materials at one time. So this time prepare the stack up of raw PCB material means very important. Then, some green hands workers stack up many, many panels in derailing […]

You should know X-ray drill PCB hole process

Why we discuss x-ray drill PCB hole process? The x-ray drill PCB hole method doesn’t use so widely, and there were many guys don’t this drill PCB hole method. Emma wants to share more about all detail technology about PCB manufacturer. We will from three parts to discuss x-ray dill affect rigid PCBs. Two functions […]

Electroless copper deposition process of rigid PCB

Not all kinds of PCB board need through the electroless copper deposition process. 4MCPCB experts told Emma that it’s may the most easy understand process in all rigid PCB manufacturing. Why should we chemical deposit copper on hole wall It’s a common sense that all PCB thickness must be electroplated. If you have know the […]