some related factor of the drill rigid PCB process

We have introduced the prepare stack up of rigid PCB drill process, this paper, we will discuss some related factor of the drill rigid PCB process.
First factor is the drill size of rigid PCB.
Different hole size should choose differ stack up solution.
The smaller diameter hole can stack up more panel PCB boards.
4MCPCB experts told us we can drill holes down to 100 microns in diameter.

Do you know the diameter of the rigid PCB drill hole?

Most normal people can not the exact size of the rigid PCB hole.
Our PCB experts give us an idea of the size of its diameter.
The diameter of a human hair is about 150 microns.
So this means the smallest drill hole smaller than the human hair diameter.
But don’t worry how to change the drill?
Because NC machine can finish drill change fully automatically.

Selects the right drill

In this step, there were three small steps.
The first step is selecting the drill to use from the drill rack.
You know the operator will prepare all kinds of size drill in the drill rack.
Then check the drill size with the drill program file.
Some time the size is not the correct, and the drill hole is also incorrect.
Then load the select drill into the drill head.
And prepare to drill this size hole.

Clean step after drilling hole process

One all holes are drilled, the workers must unload the drill from the drilling machine.
Then also clean the panel surface and the hole walls.
This is a very important process, because the hole walls were clean or not impact on the effectiveness of plated copper.