Five factors impact to the rigid PCB drill process

How to Drilling the holes for rigid PCB?

This paper will discuss Five factors impact to the rigid PCB drill process.
First of all we should know some common sense to drill machine.
Almost all rigid PCB drill machines were computer controlled.
That’s the reason why so many PCB engineers or designers call it as NC drilling.

Choose the right drill program

Due to there were may type NC program file, like drilling program, route program file and so on.
The operator should choose the right drill program.
And those rigid PCB drill programs were designed by rigid PCB designer engineers.
If you select a route program file to drill machine, may resulting bad rigid PCB holes.
That’s the reason why most operator processes should be double check to begin the drilling hole.

The align tips for rigid PCB drill process

You may confuse that the drill program file has all drill data, why shall we align the drill machine?
One reason is that some of the NC drill machines use relatively align systems.
So need to make sure coordinate origin point.
Then the align drill machine also the double check of the drill rigid PCB process.
In other word, this tells the drill machine with drill to use and the X, Y co-ordinated of the holes.

The benefits of High speed drilling machine

If you have visit a rigid PCB factory, you will find that most drill machine were high speed type.
So the question is why we should use high speed drill machine, and what is the benefit?
4MCPCB experts told Emma that some NC drill machine can rotate up to 160,000 revolutions per minute.
This speed higher than most of normal electronic product.
High speed drilling ensures clean hole walls to provide a secure base for good plating on the hole walls.

The drill hole process is very slow

That’s the reason why some PCB factory should arrange 24 hours to drilling.
Due to each hole must be drilled individually.
And the second reason is to make sure the hole walls were clean.