Prepare the stacking up for drilling rigid PCB hole

Why we should discuss the stack up for drilling rigid PCB hole?

One reason is that most rigid PCB manufacturers will drill several panel raw materials at one time.
So this time prepare the stack up of raw PCB material means very important.
Then, some green hands workers stack up many, many panels in derailing PCB process.
But the rigid PCB hole cannot meet the customer requirements, even some holes were could not plated copper.
This is a very bad example for error stack up PCB raw material.

Clean the drill bed

This is the first step of preparing the stack up for rigid PCB raw material drill process.
Usually the operator will puts the panel or exit material on the drill bed.
Or use special tools to clean the drill bed.

Then stop the drill tearing the copper.

You know the rawest rigid PCB material drill process should come through the PCB.
If you do not stop drill tearing the copper, you cannot drill through the PCB.
At least you cannot drill a meet customer requirement hole.
So almost all rigid PCB manufacturers will stop the drill tearing the copper.

Then load more PCB panels on the drill bed

Every rigid PCB factory has it’s own OSP to guide worker how to load PCB panel.
Some are loaded one panel by one panel, the rest may load more panel at one time.
At this time, the proper stack up raw rigid PCB board drill process have finished.
Then is drill process, and we will discuss in a separate article.