You should know X-ray drill PCB hole process

Why we discuss x-ray drill PCB hole process?

The x-ray drill PCB hole method doesn’t use so widely, and there were many guys don’t this drill PCB hole method.
Emma wants to share more about all detail technology about PCB manufacturer.
We will from three parts to discuss x-ray dill affect rigid PCBs.

Two functions of rigid PCB drill holes

One is for leaded components and fixed by the holes.
Then is used for connecting copper layers, improve electronic performance of rigid PCB.
You can image there were no drill holes PCB board, all on board were one layer and cannot create so smart devices.

Why we should use X-ray during the drill rigid PCB process?

An x-ray drill is a special prepare process.
Because not every rigid PCB factory uses this method before NC drill.
Anyway, Emma wants to let more new guys know drilling rigid PCB process.
X-ray can help operator align more exactly.
X-ray drill of reference holes

X-ray drill method cost very high

Rich experience rigid PCB engineers can use an x-ray drill to locate targets in the copper of the inner layers very easy.
Then the machine drills, also named NC drills can drill precisely through the centre of the inner layer pads.
Of course, use x-ray drill technology cost were higher than normal methods.
That’s the reason why most small PCB factory don’t x-ray in drill process.
You should know X-ray drill PCB hole process