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How to image outer layer circuits of the rigid PCB board?

We have introduced some common sense of image circuits. If you just a new guy for PCB, please read previous article firstly. It can help you understand the image outer layer circuits technology more easy. Or you can contact 4MCPCB experts to ask some related questions. How to align the phototool and the panel? This […]

Some common sense of Image the outer layers process of rigid PCB

Image the outer layers process of rigid PCB should be in clean room If you visit a professional rigid PCB factory, you must find many processes in clean room, likely image the outer layer process. But why we should take this step to clean room, or the risk of image outer layer circuit process? We […]

PCB experts introduce The right thickness of the electroplate

Do you know the right thickness of the electroplate First factor is the thickness copper of the hole walls. You know different layer circuit is connected by the hole wall copper. Rich experience rigid PCB designers summarized some tips below. The better conductivity through the holes, the better electronic performance of rigid PCB has. Then […]

Four common sense copper plating process of rigid PCB

Plating process of rigid PCB manufacturing In this paper, we will discuss the plating process. If you have visited a rigid PCB plant, you may find the plating rooms were very big. Some big rigid PCB plant has more than two plating to meet different requirements. Because some heavy copper, rigid PCBs should through the […]

Three key technology of etch rigid PCB outer layer

Most green hands rigid PCB designers don’t know how to etch outer layer circuit. That’s the reason why so many accidents during an etch circuit step. Of course, this issue related to operator’s experience. But many times depend rigid PCB designer’s skill, the etch circuit design process. So 4MCPCB have to introduce the detail technology […]

Two common sense of blind and buried vias

We have discussed the subject of blind bias and buried Vias. This paper also related to those two HDI PCB holes. But different definition introduce before, we want to introduce different topics about blind bias and buried vias. You know the technology of the blind was buried Vias are more than decades developing. Some HDI […]

The advantages and the design rule of Buried Vias

Why we discuss buried Vias? We have discussed some topic of blind was in the previous paper. Then Emma will introduce some topic about buried Via. Most green hands don’t know those two definitions, that’s the reason why Emma recommended read two articles together. The definition of Buried Vias A buried via is a via […]

You should know blind Vias before you order HDI PCB

Why we discuss the blind Via? There were some friends ask blind Via PCB questions. Most of them from conventional PCB engineers, don’t know much technology about high density printed circuit board, also named HDI PCB. So, blind Vias realted to place HDI PCB order . Then 4MCPCB want to introduce more kinds of PCB […]

Some related theory of solder mask process

Previous post we have discussed the solder mask costing process. Our rigid PCB experts told Emma, there were some other steps to finish the solder mask. So this paper will discuss some related theory of solder mask process. Imaged the coated panels of solder mask The imaged method through drawer UV printer. If you have […]

All things about The solder mask process of rigid PCB

Two aims of rigid PCB soldermask process You know most rigid PCB has an epoxy-ink solder mask printed onto each side. The firstly aim is protecting the copper surface of rigid PCB. Because the copper surface may be damaged in some bad situation. The secondly aim is to prevent solder shorting between components during assembly […]