Four common sense copper plating process of rigid PCB

Plating process of rigid PCB manufacturing

In this paper, we will discuss the plating process.
If you have visited a rigid PCB plant, you may find the plating rooms were very big.
Some big rigid PCB plant has more than two plating to meet different requirements.
Because some heavy copper, rigid PCBs should through the plating process two times.

Using clamps Fix the copper panel

You know the raw material is use copper panel, have good electronic connect ability.
We can use these characteristics to plating the copper panel.
This means we electroplate the boards with copper.
The first step is using clamps fix the copper panel onto the flight bars.
The rigid PCB plated room worker sill loads the panels onto the flight bars.
The key issue is making sure that the copper panel has a good electrical connection with flight bars.

The theory of electroplating copper

We have mentioned the rigid PCB panel fixed on the flight bars.
Then the operator will check the electronic connect or not.
Because during the plating process, the panel acts as cathodes for electroplating.
When the rigid PCB panel in the plate, the hole walls also can plated.
This means that two different layer copper have connected due to the conductive carbon layer already deposited the hole walls.

Rigid PCB Plate time is the key parameters

May some green hands ask that copper plate is very easy process.
This idea is not correct, because even in today the plate effective depends on many experiences.
The bigger rigid PCB manufacturer uses computer controlled this plate time.
So the rigid PCB designer must tell the operate the time and the other parameters.
To ensure each set or flight of panels stays in each bath exactly the right amount of time.