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Two common sense of blind and buried vias

We have discussed the subject of blind bias and buried Vias. This paper also related to those two HDI PCB holes. But different definition introduce before, we want to introduce different topics about blind bias and buried vias. You know the technology of the blind was buried Vias are more than decades developing. Some HDI […]

The advantages and the design rule of Buried Vias

Why we discuss buried Vias? We have discussed some topic of blind was in the previous paper. Then Emma will introduce some topic about buried Via. Most green hands don’t know those two definitions, that’s the reason why Emma recommended read two articles together. The definition of Buried Vias A buried via is a via […]

You should know blind Vias before you order HDI PCB

Why we discuss the blind Via? There were some friends ask blind Via PCB questions. Most of them from conventional PCB engineers, don’t know much technology about high density printed circuit board, also named HDI PCB. So, blind Vias realted to place HDI PCB order . Then 4MCPCB want to introduce more kinds of PCB […]

Flexible PCB High Density Applications feature discussion

This paper will discuss flexible PCB high density applications. Emma wants to clear that Flexible PCB High Density Applications were compared with other conventional PCB’s. If you know HDI PCB, you may find it’s density higher than most flexible PCB. And most of HDI PCB were applied in the semiconductor industry. So we discuss will […]

Some new features of flexible printed circuit board

We have discussed rigid flex PCBs, and have introduce for the common sense of the rigid flex PCB. Similar to rigid flex PCB, flex printed circuit board (flex PCB) also has those advantages. But not only that, flex PCB has more features to be chosen. Let met to begin to introduce some features of flex […]

Three types of HDI PCB stack up introduce

What is the high density interconnect? This post is discuss HDI PCB stack up. First of all, we want to discuss the definition of high density interconnect layers. It’s a layer that very special, the connect function similar with conventional multilayer PCB. But it’s very differ with the density, very high density in those layers. […]

Top 6 New common senses when chooses a PCB base material

Printed Circuit Board material also named as PCB material. We have introduce FR-4 PCB base material articles, feel free to click the link to learn more detail. This post will discuss other common sense about PCB material. If you have any question, please contact us. Each PCB material has its unique qualities, benefits, and shortcomings […]

Top 7 common senses of HDI PCB definition

Why we discuss HDI PCB definition HDI PCB definition is basic common sense. Compare with conventional PCB board, there were many people don’t know HDI PCB. Now smart phone has become more and more normal, if you ask smart phone design engineer, which PCB board type is most phone used? The answer is most smart […]

Top 3 characteristics of HDI PCB board

What is HDI PCB HDI PCB board (High Density Interconnect PCB board) is a growing fast PCB type, even faster then Rigid-flex PCB board (also call RF PCB). And the second similarity with RF PCB is its complexity. HDI PCB contains blind and/or buried vias and often contain microwaves of 0.006 or less in diameter. […]

Top 3 feature of multilayer HDI PCB manufacturer

Why Quote Multilayer HDI PCB manufacturer from us? There were many reasons why more and more engineer share our multilayer HDI PCB online quote service. So this post will list top 3 feature of multilayer HDI PCB manufacturer like 4MCPCB.com. How is multilayer PCB manufactured reading below content to learn detail. Fast response is the […]