Top 3 characteristics of HDI PCB board

What is HDI PCB

HDI PCB board (High Density Interconnect PCB board) is a growing fast PCB type, even faster then Rigid-flex PCB board (also call RF PCB).

And the second similarity with RF PCB is its complexity.
HDI PCB contains blind and/or buried vias and often contain microwaves of 0.006 or less in diameter.

HDI PCB has Higher density
They have a higher circuitry density than traditional circuit boards.

Smaller Holes then traditional metal core PCB

You know smaller holes mean the performance improve.
Compare with Traditional Metal Core PCB, its have smaller holes characteristic.
Smaller vias and traces for higher route density and fewer layers.
And that’s one of the reason why HDI PCB has a higher density.

Higher performance of HDI PCB

If you have know PCB board, you may learn HDI PCB is not the traditional PCB board.
That’s why many traditional PCB manufacturers can not produce HDI PCB boards.
HDI PCB for improved signal and power integrity.
Specially in the power industry or industrial applications, almost require HDI PCB.

The cost of HDI PCB more cheap

First of all David wants to clear that cheap price just compare some performance PCB board.
In some words, HDI PCB is a high end PCB board in the industry.
And it’s the best choice for you due below reason.
Newer materials available for higher performance and lower costs, which are not suitable for standard or sequential lamination.
HDI PCB board