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Do you know automotive PCB requirements in differing vehicle section?

How automotive PCB requirements meet electronic car? Now there are more and more smart electronic car. The automotive PCBs are used in many ways in the electronics car industry. In some other words, the automotive PCB requirement has many differences. We can image that the automotive PCB developing can change the way that people drive. […]

Top Three parameters of multilayer MCPCB

First parameter is layer of multilayer MCPCB If you have read our articles, you may know MCPCB most have one single side. Yes, most of the metal core PCB were one or two layers. But now due to special require, MCPCB manufacturers were asked to produce multilayer MCPCB. By the way, here discuss multilayer MCPCB […]

Industrial Metal core PCB Technology introduce

Industrial Metal core PCB Technology Now every device has connected by internet, and smaller in size and faster in communication speed. Not only our lives around devices, but also the industrial products. To achieving smaller size and smart performance electronic function, more and more engineers choose metal core PCB technology to start their new projects. […]

Do you know the metal core PCB thickness?

Why we discuss metal core PCB thickness? In fact, difference people discuss this definition have differing understanding. This is the reason why David wants to discuss the metal core PCB thickness topic. Thickness of metal core PCB has included two parts. Go deep to read this topic below: The total thickness of Metal Core PCB […]

Do you realy know metal core PCB reflow?

Why introduce metal core PCB reflow This article we are going to introduce metal core PCB reflow. It’s a metal core PCB assembly issue, meaning related to many factors, not only metal core PCBs. David wants to compare with FR4 laminate PCB reflow, to more clearly introduce metal core PCB reflow. Assembly process of Metal […]

Metal core PCB v’s fr4: Four parts detail comare report

Price Compare: metal core PCB v’s fr4 Fr4 PCB is a very conventional PCB type of electronic industry. In LED industry Fr4 PCB not use first widely, its metal core PCB uses more widely. That is the reason why many people don’t know metal core PCB but call it as LED PCB. Due to thermal […]

Reliable performance is so important to metal core PCB prototype in automobiles

Thickness of Metal Core PCB Prototype If you have learned some Metal Core PCB prototype knowledge, you will find metal core PCB thickness is thicker than a conventional PCB board. How about the thickness of copper foil? David has asked this basic question to many friends, some of them say thick than a convention PCB […]

Do you realy know 2 layer Metal Core PCB board?

Material of 2 layer metal core PCB If you have read our metal core PCB manufacturer process, you will find the material on MCPCB board were simpler than conventional PCB material. One reason is conventional PCB has so many branches or types, and MCPCB just one to produce the type. The second factor is a […]