Why should you mount a dash cam in your car?

Can be provide road accident evidence

More and more driver have interest dash cam, and this post we will discuss Pros of dash cam.
As we know dash cam mounted front and can be used to provide the first-hand look.
During some road accident, we should check what is really happening.
If you have mounted a dash cam, it can provide evidence of who or what was the fault.
To provide road accident evidence is the biggest function.

Support you handle car insurance claims

You know car insurance claim has long turn life and many precesses.
Most important is that you must provide the evident with your car.
This time the dash cam can provide big help for you.
Even the witnesses still the most important evidence to support an insurance claim.
But the car cam can give you handle those issues more smoothly, special some accident occur when witnesses are not present.
Because the hash cam manufacture with high end PCB board, can always record your car.

Capture great sights during you are driving

Most of the time, the drivers have taken all attention to handle the wheel.
If your car have mounted dash cam, as well as being able to record footage of road accident, you also cannot miss those great sights.
Like a meteor shower or shooting star, dash cam can help you capture those nature sights.
Most important is that all of those make auto via dash cam.
This mean do not any setting in your dash cam, can capture great sights.