how to understand the package size of flexible PCB?

Do you know the package size of the flexible PCB board?

We have discussed metal core PCB and automotive PCB before.
Compare with those two types, flexible PCB has many advantages.
Special in some high end electronic device, like iPhone widely uses flexible PCB to develop.
This post we will from the package size of flexible PCB to explore this definition.

Summary of flexible PCB package size advantage

If you have read our introduce PCB articles, you may know flexible PCBs are less weighty.
In electronic designers world, use flexible PCB can make their projects more freedom.
In assembly PCB workers’ views, flexible PCB board bending ability makes more easy to finish assembly mounted process.
In mechanical engineering dictionary, flexible PCB means less space and better mechanical ability.

One tip from rich experience flexible PCB designer

You may listen some claims from your multilayer PCB engineer that the PCB very hard to meet space design mind.
This is not occurring in the flexible PCB design world, due to flexible PCB have good bending ability.
So they can easily meet any condition & requirement, even some conditions are impossible for most multilayer PCB boards.
Flexible PCB designer joke that their can design one fit where no other PCBs can meet.

Packaging size for flexible PCB shipment

You know the density and the package size is the main factor for items shipment.
The light weight and thin means we can package more smaller.
In fact, flexible PCB can reduce a substantial package size.
So you can save more cost, if you choose flexible PCB as you choose.

lexible PCB makes device become smaller

Most of consumer electronics have become smaller, and the function has also become more flexible.
On the other hand, the requirement for flexible PCB is becoming higher.
As we know flexible PCB have the ability to be folded or creased, also can meet more smaller design requirement.
If you have an experience flexible PCB designer, it’s possible to positioned in the smallest areas.