Less weight and space when uses flexible PCB

Good products need more thinner flexible PCB

Flexible PCB has many advantages, but less weight and space is biggest one.
Usually we want to buy smaller electronic products rather than bigger one.
Specially smart phones choose, more and more plant to announce they can provide the thinnest smart phone.
In fact, to manufacture thinner phones require use thinner flexible PCB.

Why flexible PCB can reduce weight and space?

Emma think due to flexible PCB have good connect ability, you can easy connect two component very easy.
In traditional electronic assembly process use wire harnesses to connect two component.
Compare with those traditional PCB assembly, flexible PCB have reduce weight and space.

Flexible PCB thickness advantage

We have know flexible PCB have become more and more popular.
But what’s the exact thickness of flexible PCB?
The thickness of flexible PCB depends each flexible PCB manufacture capability.
So Emma just lists the average of this number.
Thickness can be as thin as.10mm in total.

Top 11 advatages of flexible PCB
Flexible PCB packaging ability
Flexible PCB assembly cost
Flexible PCB interconnect ability
Flexible PCB thickness advantage
Flexible PCB dynamic flexing ability
Flexible PCB thermal management ability
Flexible PCB can reduce size and weight
Flexible PCB reliability
Flexible PCB Cost Savings
Flexible PCB High Temperature Applications
Flexible PCB High Density Applications

Less weight and space when uses flexible PCB