Flexible PCB High Temperature Applications introduce

In this paper, we will introduce flexible PCB high temperature application examples.
If you have read flexible PCB thermal management ability, you will find it’s very good thermal management.
Emma recommend you go back to read that article, you will understand this flexible PCB high temperature more easily.

Why flexible PCB can apply high temperature area?

First of all we simply to introduce flexible PCB high temperature resin.
The flexible PCB board uses Polyimide to produce.
This is a very good thermal management, PCB base material.
It’s dissipate heat at a better rate than other dielectric materials.

Flexible PCB application temperature range very wide

You may know metal core PCB can be application high temperate area.
In fact, flexible PCB also can meet high temperature need.
From our 4MCPCB flexible PCB application experts, the temperature range from -200c to 400c.
Of course, this range must under special flexible PCB manufacturing process.
But even the normal flexible PCB also has wide temperature range applications.

Flexible PCB has better chemical performance

You know all PCB boards were using chemical methods to produce.
But not all PCB boards provide better chemical performance.
That’s the reason why some rigid just application industry.
Flexible PCB is the special one that can provide better chemical performance.
If you have read some flexible PCB designer resume, most of them will wrote good at flexible PCB with Good chemical resistance to oils, acids, gases etc.
Because there were large numbers flexible PCB application above three situations.

Then flexible PCB can meet radiation resistance

This application was very special due to most aerospace need radiation resistance.
Most of PCB board were could not have radiation resistance.
But flexible PCB can offer excellent radiation and UV exposure resistance.

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Flexible PCB thermal management ability
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Flexible PCB High Temperature Applications
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Flexible PCB High Temperature Applications