Flexible PCB can reduce products size and weight

Flexible PCB can reduce size and weight

If you ask a PCB design engineer, which one type PCB design was hard finish?
The answer may flexible PCB design.
Because there were so many factors should be considered, like the combination of flexible design freedom, space, and weight etc.
Even there were so many affect flexible PCB design factors, flexible PCB is becoming more and more popular.
Due to flexible PCB can reduce and weight.

Flexible PCB fit where no other solutions can

Compare with metal core PCB, the flexible bending performance is the biggest advantage.
Flexible PCB not only connected two components, but also reduce assembly process cost.
More detail, discuss please reference flexible PCB assembly cost article.
Sometimes, flexible PCB can fit most situations, even some products only use flexible PCB.

Why flexible PCB can reduce packaging size?

This issue we also have discuss in Flexible PCB packaging ability article.
Here Emma just introduce simplely reason.
Flexible PCB is very thin and light weight due to it’s materials.
Added flexible PCB have good flex bending performance, during assembly process can easy enables a substantial packaging size reduction.

Flexible PCB can be folded during the assembly process

To be folded is hard most of PCB type.
Due to good flexible bending performance, flexible PCB can easy folded.
Not only to be folded, flexible PCB can creased to positions in the smallest areas makes miniaturization of many devices possible.
Special in any smart device application, flexible PCB folded ability can make those smaller sizes.

Why flexible PCB can reduce the space?

The requirement of reduce space is the most electronic consumer needs.
Smaller space mean can produce small size.
Usually flexible PCB can be minimized by applying the freedom of 3D packaging geometry.
That’s the reason why the flexible PCB board can reduce most space.

Flexible PCB makes assembly process more quickly

If you have visited a traditional rigid PCB assembly plan, you will find there were many wire harnesses to connect components.
But if you go a flexible PCB assembly plant, the situation would be different.
Due to flexible PCB provide good flexible bending ability, mostly the designers use, flexible PCB instead of those wire harnesses.
There were three benefits use, flexible PCB connected instead.

Firstly is reducing the assembly size and space.
This effect also this paper main point.

Then is a quick assembly process and save time.
You know assembly process is a very long time, if use, flexible PCB board may save up to 50 percent time.

Last but not the least, Flexible PCB can be used to replace wiring reduces the errors common in hand wired assemblies.

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Flexible PCB packaging ability
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Flexible PCB can reduce size and weight
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Flexible PCB can reduce size and weigh