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Do you realy know 2 layer Metal Core PCB board?

Material of 2 layer metal core PCB If you have read our metal core PCB manufacturer process, you will find the material on MCPCB board were simpler than conventional PCB material. One reason is conventional PCB has so many branches or types, and MCPCB just one to produce the type. The second factor is a […]

Why choose us?

4MCPCB.com is leading metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB) manufacturers from China. Our MCPCB board in various APPLICATIONS like LED lighting, automotive lighting, etc. We OFFER methodologies, services and turnkey solution for our customers, which make the innovative LED lighting solutions easy to sell, simple to implement and highly beneficial to use. We deliver complete […]

Do you really know double sided PCB assembly quotes?

We have discussed PCB quote service before. If you have read our before articles, you may know the PCB quote online service become more and more popular. So we will go deep to discuss some factors related to PCB assembly quote service, but today Angel will focus on double sided PCB assembly quotes. The structure […]

The easy way to judge a MCPCB manufacturer [part 6]

Thank you for continuing to reading Frank shared. If you want to learn the six step to judge right MCPCB manufacturer, please finish all series articles. This is the last article about the easy way to judge a MCPCB manufacturer. What makes your company unique? Make a company unique, not only due to the products, […]

The easy way to judge a MCPCB manufacturer [part 5]

This post is second to last of our easy way to judge a MCPCB manufacturer series articles. Frank wants to discuss the price of MCPCB manufacturer. You know some purchase just judging a supplier by price, this method is wrong known by most people. Can your pricing compete with offshore circuit board manufacturers? If you […]

Heavy copper PCB manufacturers from China

The experience of the heavy copper circuit board is very important Most manufacturing processes were some with normal printed circuit board’s, but there were some special process, like electric plating etc. So if you ask a normal printed circuit board manufacturer to produce heavy copper PCB, it’s been difficult for them. If you want to […]

Solder Resist of PCB thermal management introduce

We have discussed the manufacturing process of the LED TV circuit board. During the MCPCB board produce, solder resist is a very important factor of boards. So this post Allen wants to introduce some factors about Solder Resist of PCB thermal management. What does the solder resist of PCB thermal management? It is basically a […]

Aluminium base PCB is the best performance and the cheapest cooling solutions

Which is the best performance and the cheapest cooling solutions? To answer this question we have to discuss this issue. There were many PCB types know by decades’ experience PCB designers. Like ENIG PCB, HASL PCB, immersion tin PCB, MCPCB etc. Aluminum base PCB is the most commonly used among them. The material of aluminium […]

How do thermal conductivity PCB can decrease temperature?

MCPCB experts introducing thermal conductivity PCB There were many names of MCPCB on the internet, but some of them were not usually used. Like today discuss topic thermal conductivity PCB, this name was not used widely. But the type of PCB board have use of most LED light companies. The temperature of thermal conductivity PCB […]

Noctigon MCPCB features introducing

Noctigon MCPCB features introducing To be honest, Allen also don’t know the noctigon. But from the internet search know that it’s a our door electronic product. Go deeply to reading, it’s related our MCPCB board. So we want to share an article about noctigon mcpcb features. Here are two features related to MCPCB board. Allen […]