Heavy copper PCB manufacturers from China

The experience of the heavy copper circuit board is very important

Most manufacturing processes were some with normal printed circuit board’s, but there were some special process, like electric plating etc.
So if you ask a normal printed circuit board manufacturer to produce heavy copper PCB, it’s been difficult for them.
If you want to find a expertise is in producing at a reasonable cost, heavy copper PCB’s that are of proven designs, please contact us.

Heavy copper PCB manufacturers from China

Now the economy of China is developing decline, but also fast than other country speed.
As new energy LED lighting has more requirements, also require more heavy copper PCB boards.
There were many factories have been building heavy copper circuit boards with traces and copper planes of up to 6 ounces for over decades years.

The heavy copper PCB engineers have big market

As a MCPCB board website, Frank wants more and more people use our platform to find the answers.
Not only place some MCPCB orders.
If you purchase a heavy copper PCB from no PCB engineers or trade companies, you may hard to solute your problems.
In fact, some of the heavy copper PCB factories must hire some heavy copper engineers.
The engineering team can work with you to review your design to make sure that they can be manufactured with the highest quality at the best overall cost.
Heavy copper PCB manufacturers from China

MCPCB experts introduce heavy copper PCB: