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Top Three Reasons Why Leaded China LED PCB Manufacturers

Top Three Reasons Why Leaded China LED PCB Manufacturers

Why Leaded China LED PCB manufacturers There were so many LED PCB board manufacturer from China. If you search on Google or Bing, you can early to get the result. Endless Creativity LED PCB Design and Manufacturing Ability The advent has caused disruptive changes in the traditional lighting industry. The efficiency gained in LED […]

LED Tube PCB prototype quote from 4mcpcb

Match your LED Tube housing This is the first feature of LED tube PCB prototype quote from 4mcpcb. Not only the colour of LED Tube housing, but also match your it’s custom shape. Sometimes there were some LED Tube PCB housing requirements from our customers, so you also can place some LED tube housing with […]

Some useful tips on quote PCB assembly service

SMT Printed Circuit Board Assembly industry Now more and more terminal devices in our normal life. But how are those device assemblies? Due to limited time Angel can’t introduce all process a new electronic product development. So we will focus on PCB assembly process, and this part is discussing SMT Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly […]

PCB quotes form additional notes you should know

Our Website has provided rapid PCB quote for customers. Here are some tips of PCB quote additional notes. The format of PCB file In this PCB quote form, we don’t have an option that allows you attach a PCB file. So if you have a detail MCPCB design file, you can send to [email protected] By […]

The functions of PCB quote software introduce

There were many type PCB quote software, some of them were good the rest were not. Today Angel will introduce one of the PCB quote software: Job Quote System. Normal calculate price of PCB quote To calculate price is the most normal function of PCB quote software. This type PCB quote software allows users to […]

Do you know what is PCB quote eagle?

What is PCB quote eagle? In fact, Angel also don’t know the definition of a PCB quote eagle. And ask some MCPCB experts and there can give me an exact answer about this question. But they told me many about PCB quote and PCB eagle things. This post is the summary of PCB quote and […]

PCB quote China becomes more and more popular

Today Frank wants to introduce some tips of PCB quote from China. First of all you should have a correct concept about PCBs. Frank has communicated with most foreign purchasers who have a concept that cheap price and bad quality. In fact, during several years developing, most China factories improve their technology. Special some high […]

Top 3 benefits of advance LED PCB board

This post will discuss some factors related to the LED PCB solution. You may think the LED PCB is very simple PCB board. Yes, if you compare to flexible PCB board It’s construction may more simple. But if you consider the thermal management, LED PCB board must be a complex process. To ensure the performance […]

Top 6 benefits of LED circuit board introduce

First is the heat dissipation performance of the LED circuit board perfectly The dissipation of heat without using additional heat sinks. You know the heat dissipation is the key problem when you develop an LED lighting. If you don’t have a good solution of heat dissipation, the temperature of LED circuit board will beyond your […]

Two factors related to 2016 aluminium PCB technology

There were more and more new technologies, for normal people no idea to learn which one is nearly their lives. So this post will discuss two factors related to 2016 aluminium PCB technology. The market share of aluminium PCB growing fast If you have read our articles before, you must know that LED lighting is […]