LED Tube PCB prototype quote from 4mcpcb

Match your LED Tube housing

This is the first feature of LED tube PCB prototype quote from 4mcpcb.
Not only the colour of LED Tube housing, but also match your it’s custom shape.
Sometimes there were some LED Tube PCB housing requirements from our customers, so you also can place some LED tube housing with your LED Tube PCB prototype PCB order.

Meet your drawing requirement of LED Tube products

As a professional MCPCB manufacturer, we want to provide more services to our LED lighting customers.
Also not an electronic drawing or design service, due to decades LED PCB board supply experience, there were so many customers keep in touch with us.
We also employee more experience electronic drawing designers, to make sure your LED PCB prototype quote meets your design drawing.
In one word, 4mpcb can give you very professional LED Tube PCB prototype quote one stop service.
LED Tube PCB prototype quote from 4mcpcb