Do you really know double sided PCB assembly quotes?

We have discussed PCB quote service before. If you have read our before articles, you may know the PCB quote online service become more and more popular.
So we will go deep to discuss some factors related to PCB assembly quote service, but today Angel will focus on double sided PCB assembly quotes.

The structure of double sided flexible PCB

Double sided PCBs were more complex than other type PCB board, like MCPCB board.
Not only the PCB manufacturing process, but also its construction.
Double sided flexible circuits consist of two copper layers with a dielectric layer in between normally connected with plated through holes.
It’s construction difference from MCPCB board’s.

The hole of double sided flexible PCB

To get flexible ability, not only choose flexible PCB material, or good PCB design, but also related to its hole.
How to design flexible PCB’s hole and how to manufacturing have some difficulties that every flexible PCB manufacturers meet problem.
Most of flexible PCB manufacturers make a hole with the option of coverlay’s or semi flexible liquid photoimageable solder resist (for some flex & stay applications).

Do you really know double sided PCB assembly quotes?