PCB quotes form additional notes you should know

Our Website has provided rapid PCB quote for customers.
Here are some tips of PCB quote additional notes.

The format of PCB file

In this PCB quote form, we don’t have an option that allows you attach a PCB file.
So if you have a detail MCPCB design file, you can send to [email protected]
By the way, Electronic Data” – “ODB++ or Gerber =S-274X format preferred.

What does your PCB board require?

You know MCPCB manufacturing is a very complex process, and every step has each own requirement.
So before sent the PCB file to us, please make sure your PCB file has read me file or similar function file document.
Readme File. Please indicate: Board thickness; Base copper for each layer; Surface finish; Mask color; Silkscreen color; Palletization or individually routed; Are rails required?; ET (Testing) required?

If you have any question about this, please contact us.
PCB quotes form additional notes you should know