Top 6 benefits of LED circuit board introduce

First is the heat dissipation performance of the LED circuit board perfectly

The dissipation of heat without using additional heat sinks.
You know the heat dissipation is the key problem when you develop an LED lighting.
If you don’t have a good solution of heat dissipation, the temperature of LED circuit board will beyond your image.

Second is the reliability of the LED circuit board

You know the mechanics of products not only related to its shape, but also related to assembly PCB board.
If you use an LED circuit board to develop your product, it’s has good reliability
Mechanically rigid, increasing the physical strength of the assembly.

Others benefits of LED circuit board

Reduces the effect of thermal stress on all components, increasing life and durability.
Improved thermal conduction leading to versatility in component and tracking layout enabling PCB dimensions to be reduced.
Reduces component operating temperatures, improving reliability.
Substrate aluminium can be drilled / machined and routed, aiding PCB mounting.
Top 6 benefits of LED circuit board introduce