Two factors related to 2016 aluminium PCB technology

There were more and more new technologies, for normal people no idea to learn which one is nearly their lives.
So this post will discuss two factors related to 2016 aluminium PCB technology.

The market share of aluminium PCB growing fast

If you have read our articles before, you must know that LED lighting is energy efficient technology.
This is the biggest reason why so many aluminium PCB manufacturers in China.
Farther point is the Intelligent Terminal become more and more popular.
There are very big demand of PCB board to those intelligent terminals, special good performance PCB board like aluminium PCB.

Operating theory of aluminium PCB

In fact, above title is not very correct, because just use aluminium PCB can do anything.
Just when aluminium PCB assembly some component to produce an LED light or other electronic products.
The power device surface mounting on circuit layer, it is ideally suited for the mounting of high power light emitting diodes (LEDs) easily dissipating the heat generated by power devices.
Two factors related to 2016 aluminium PCB technology