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Detail Each PCB board manufacture process introduce

Each PCB board manufacture process is very complex. There are many articles to introduce those PCB manufacture process, and David wants to do something different. Above is the reason why create this metal core PCB manufacture process article. Related Metal core PCB etching manufacture process Also a metal core PCB etching manufacture is a complex […]

Hybrid Metal Core PCB manufacture process

First of all, David have to introduce a new PCB definition: Insulated metal substrate (IMS). Its construction has a sub-assembly of non-thermal material, and usually this Hybrid Metal Core PCB manufacture process is independent. In a ‘Hybrid’ IMS construction a “Sub-assembly” of a non-thermal material is processed independently. New Hybird Metal Core PCB manufacture process […]

Two important factors about aluminium PCBs quote process

This post will focus on aluminium PCBs quote process. Because there were so many PCB purchase can’t understand clearly about this process. We have introduced many factors about aluminium PCBs, but most of them were discussing how to manufacture an aluminium PCB or why choose aluminium PCBs. But to most of purchase, they may not […]

Two factors related to 2016 aluminium PCB technology

There were more and more new technologies, for normal people no idea to learn which one is nearly their lives. So this post will discuss two factors related to 2016 aluminium PCB technology. The market share of aluminium PCB growing fast If you have read our articles before, you must know that LED lighting is […]

The hybrid aluminum PCB manufacturer tells you its secret

The construction of Hybrid aluminum PCB In fact, there were few MCPCB guys know the construction of hybrid aluminium PCB. Even some of them know this type PCB. In a ‘Hybrid’ aluminum PCB construction a “Sub-assembly” of a non-thermal material is processed independently and then bonded to the aluminum base with thermal materials. Typical Hybrid […]

Flexible Aluminum PCBs board latest news

MCPCB is very traditional industry and its technology have no developing many years. Some MCPCB guys may disagree with this point, but to electronic industry or mobile phone industry, this is a really truth. A New Flexible Aluminum PCBs board material One of the newest developments in Aluminum PCBs board materials is flexible dielectrics. These […]

Top three applications of Aluminum clad PCB

Aluminum clad PCBs are an excellent alternative to standard circuit boards. More and more LED companies choose this type PCB. But which products are the largest application, Allen want to discuss in this post. To ask some aluminium clad PCB experts, there will tell all detail the application of aluminium clad PCB. Summarizing all the […]

Do you know the aluminium circuit board?

Today we are going to discuss aluminium circuit board. If you have searched on the internet with “aluminium circuit board”, the result will show there were many names of this type PCB. The abbreviation Al PCB stands for aluminium printed circuit board. With aluminium printed circuit boards instead of the usual base material, aluminium is […]

Aluminium PCB not only use LED industry

Aluminium PCB for LED is one largest application those products. The advantage of the benefits of aluminium PCB constructions has discovered by more and more automotive and RF companies. That is why so many aluminium PCB manufacturers in China. Because the market shared not only aluminium PCB for LED, but also include for automotive and […]

You should know detail LED aluminum PCB process

You should know detail LED aluminum PCB process There were many PCB manufacturing processes. Every LED aluminum PCB making step have it’s own features. So if you want get high quality PCBs, you should learn more technology of LED aluminum PCB process. How to made a LED aluminum PCB? A thin layer of thermally conductive […]