Two important factors about aluminium PCBs quote process

This post will focus on aluminium PCBs quote process.
Because there were so many PCB purchase can’t understand clearly about this process.
We have introduced many factors about aluminium PCBs, but most of them were discussing how to manufacture an aluminium PCB or why choose aluminium PCBs.
But to most of purchase, they may not care about how to make an aluminium PCB, but how to quote a right aluminium PCB.

First of all you should know the right material of this aluminium PCB quote.

Even though there were so few material to make an aluminium PCB board.
Of course aluminum is the main material, but in the circuit layer have to use fr4 or other materials to make.
The difference PCB material has difference performance.
So Angel list the right PCB material on the top.

Secondly, is payment method options of this aluminium PCB quote.

In some small aluminium PCB companies or trade PCB companies, they just give one or two payment methods to their customers.
Angel didn’t to claim that few payment method is bad.
In fact, in some big companies also accept one or two payment method option.
We want to more PCB purchase can care about this issue and find the right aluminium PCB quote supplier.
Two important factors about aluminium PCBs quote process