Hybrid Metal Core PCB manufacture process

First of all, David have to introduce a new PCB definition: Insulated metal substrate (IMS).
Its construction has a sub-assembly of non-thermal material, and usually this Hybrid Metal Core PCB manufacture process is independent.
In a ‘Hybrid’ IMS construction a “Sub-assembly” of a non-thermal material is processed independently.

New Hybird Metal Core PCB manufacture process is different

Some creative MCPCB manufacturers make a Hybrid IMS PCB bonded to the aluminum base with thermal materials.
That’s the reason why so many hybrid Metal Core PCB boards have difference when compares with before manufacture process.

Why we add aluminum base in metal core PCB manufacture process?

If you have read our aluminium PCB board article, you will find the aluminium layer can decrease the temperature of products.
Bonding this layer to an aluminum base with thermal dielectrics can help dissipate heat, improve the rigidity and act as a shield.
Due the metal core PCB manufacture process, some fabrications may use metal alloy instant of aluminium base.
By the way, even the metal alloy core PCB cheaper than metal core PCB, but the latter was recommended due to the reliability.

The most common Hybrid Metal Core PCB types

Now, more engineer prefers to choose hybrid metal core PCB, but most of them don’t know the full name of this board.
David just wants more guys know the truth of MCPCB, and introduce the most common hybrid aluminum PCB.
The most common construction is a 2-Layer or 4-Layer Sub-assembly made from conventional FR-4.
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Hybrid Metal Core PCB manufacture process