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Why 76% rich experience engineers choose rigid flex PCB?

Why 76% rich experience engineers choose rigid flex PCB?

Consider your rigid flex PCB at its Reliability & Durability There were many articles about rigid flex PCB advantages. Even some of them compare with metal core PCB, says rigid flex PCB is better than MCPCB. We don’t want to comment this view on the web, due to usually two types have each own application. […]

Audio PCB designer should familiarly to manufacture process

Why 4MCPCB experts should discuss audio PCB? In this paper, we are going to introduce audio PCB. We have discussed FPC manufacturer Final Fabrication process discussion, if you have interest, please go back to have a read. To audio PCB type, FPC is the one of PCB type and almost the high end product. If […]

Why China PCB assembly services developing so fast?

Some reasons related to the growth trends of PCB assembly services You know the China economy has faster speed, faster than most developing countries. Especially in manufacture industry, have the fast developing speed. Also occur in PCB & PCB assembly service industry. In some Mfg research reports, China has over half PCB assembly market share […]

How to purchase high quality PCBA from China?

The reason why 4MCPCB discuss a PCBA China topic This paper, we will discusses the detail PCBA process in China. Due to the low cost, more and more startups want to choose a China PCBA supplier. Then some of our customers want to how to purchasing high quality PCBA from China. The preparing of PCBA […]

You should know Top Nine Basic PCBA Manufacturing Technologies

The reason why 4MCPCB discuss PCBA manufacturing techonology Good PCBA supplier must have got everything you need for quality PCBA. Almost each PCBA factory have announce they can provide quality PCBA. Previous post we have discussed how to judge a good PCBA supplier. In this paper, we are going to discuss some basic PCBA manufacturing […]

How to Judge a Good PCBA Supplier?

The Good PCBA Supplier is the key factor for high quality Now there were many and more electronics, and more startups in the smart device field. Usually those startups create new products, and depend on PCBA supplier support. So, in this word the PCBA supplier is important for our electronics life. The PCBA supplier is […]

PCBA is the most important part in electronic trade

Do you know the history of PCBA? PCBA is short for Printed Circuit Board Assembly. First of all we should know the history of PCB Board. PCB is invented by Paul Eisler in 1936, then used in commercial purpose after 12 years. This time the use of PCB board were not so widely, until 1950s […]

Compare PCBA service from China and Thailand

PCBA service compares have related to many factors Not only require the high quality PCB board, but also consider the SMT technology. All related PCBA board factors can be very small or big. So this paper, we are going to our understand PCBA service different between China and Thailand. Frist of all, Frank want to […]

Why there were more PCBA plants in Thailand?

Thailand has more and more PCB assembly companies. Especially in Hard Disk Drive industry, Thailand have top 5 manufacturers. And the produce markup is number two globally. In some words, the Thailand PCBA industry has important contribute to globally. So this paper will discuss the PCBA Thailand topic, if you have any idea, please contact […]

The benefit of PCB Flying Probe Test

Why we discuss The benefit of PCB Flying Probe Test If you have read 4MCPCB share article about PCB Flying Probe Test, if you want detail technology, please go back to review. More and more startup companies choose PCB manfuacturer from China. And most of them do not know PCB flying probe test. This paper, […]