Flexible Aluminum PCBs board latest news

MCPCB is very traditional industry and its technology have no developing many years.
Some MCPCB guys may disagree with this point, but to electronic industry or mobile phone industry, this is a really truth.

A New Flexible Aluminum PCBs board material

One of the newest developments in Aluminum PCBs board materials is flexible dielectrics.
These materials feature a Polyimide resin system with ceramic fillers which provides excellent electrical insulation, flexibility and of course thermal conductivity.
This means you can produce an aluminium PCB board in your flexible PCB products.

The application of the aluminium PCB board introduces

Its may very exciting when you know the flexible aluminium PCB board.
When applied to a flexible aluminum material like flexible products or similar the product can be formed to achieve a variety of shapes and angles which can eliminate costly fixtures, cables and connectors.
Although these materials are flexible they are intended to be bent into place and remain in place.
They are not suited for applications which require are intended to be flexed regularly.
Flexible Aluminum PCBs board latest news