You should know detail LED aluminum PCB process

You should know detail LED aluminum PCB process

There were many PCB manufacturing processes.
Every LED aluminum PCB making step have it’s own features.
So if you want get high quality PCBs, you should learn more technology of LED aluminum PCB process.

How to made a LED aluminum PCB?

A thin layer of thermally conductive but electrically insulating dielectric is laminated between a metal base and a copper foil.
The copper foil is etched into the desired circuit pattern and the metal base draws heat away from this circuit through the thin dielectric.
Circuit layers (i.e. the copper foil) are usually formed after etching printed circuits.
So that each member elements interconnected, under normal circumstances, the circuit layer requires a great current carrying capacity, and thus should be thicker foil, thickness 35μm ~ 280μm.

Thermal insulation layer important for LED aluminum PCBs

More and more electronic light require high performance Thermal based PCBs.
LED aluminum PCB have one layer use to thermal insulation layer.
Thermal insulation layer is aluminum plate where the core technology, it is generally a special polymer made of special ceramic-filled structure, small resistance, viscoelastic performance, thermal aging has the ability to withstand the mechanical and thermal stresses.
You should know detail LED aluminum PCB process