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Do you know what is PCB quote eagle?

What is PCB quote eagle? In fact, Angel also don’t know the definition of a PCB quote eagle. And ask some MCPCB experts and there can give me an exact answer about this question. But they told me many about PCB quote and PCB eagle things. This post is the summary of PCB quote and […]

The thermal management of LED PCB board you should know

Because LED efficiency is lost as temperatures increase, thermal management is the biggest problem with LED PCB board. Frank have asked decades’ experience MCPCB experts about the thermal management. This post is a summary of the experience of MCPCB experts. Normally, there were some distinct technologies for LED PCB board thermal management. LED PCB board […]

Thermal resistance of PCB introduces

There were many PCB people don’t know the real thermal resistance of the PCB. Today Allen will discuss this topic. First of all you should learn isolated thermal pad. Thermal resistance of PCB has many methods, use isolated thermal pad is the normal method. All Lamp, LED packages have an electrically isolated thermal pad. But […]