Thermal resistance of PCB introduces

There were many PCB people don’t know the real thermal resistance of the PCB.
Today Allen will discuss this topic.

First of all you should learn isolated thermal pad.

Thermal resistance of PCB has many methods, use isolated thermal pad is the normal method.
All Lamp, LED packages have an electrically isolated thermal pad.

But how can isolated thermal pad can work?

To introduce the process, Allen has asked many MCPCB experts.
Also, there were some difference from MCPCB experts explain.
Most views say isolated thermal transfer heat.
The pad provides an effective channel for heat transfer and optimizes thermal resistance from the LED chip junction to the thermal pad.

How to assembly, thermal resistance pad on PCB?

The pad is electrically isolated from the anode and cathode of the LED and can be soldered or attached directly to grounded elements on the board or the heat sink system.
Thermal resistance of PCB introduces