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Metal core pcb cost is the biggest advantage

Metal core PCB has many advantages. Here David list top 4 advantages of metal core PCB, if you have any other idea, please contact me. Design Advantages Every stage has every product design style. This also suits electronic industry, more and more new products have use new technology. Metal core PCB also the ideal chooses […]

Top 3 benefits of advance LED PCB board

This post will discuss some factors related to the LED PCB solution. You may think the LED PCB is very simple PCB board. Yes, if you compare to flexible PCB board It’s construction may more simple. But if you consider the thermal management, LED PCB board must be a complex process. To ensure the performance […]

The important of dielectric layer design of LED PCB

Most people didn’t know the detail construction of LED PCB, special the function of the dielectric layer. This post will discuss the dielectric layer LED PCB design process. First of all you should learn the metal core PCB application. Metal core PCB and standard FR-4 are commonly used circuit board materials in conjunction with Power […]

LED PCB board design Guidelines [Part 10]

This is the last post of series articles about LED PCB board design Guidelines. Allen wants to discuss the space between the two holes on LED PCB board. Before we have discussed the holes design tip, but this post is different. We will go deeper to introduce how to design a perfect hole. Continue to […]

LED PCB board design Guidelines [Part 6]

Previous post, we have introduced many tips on LED PCB board design. This post we are going to discuss LED PCB board tip. Did you know the tip of the Unit during your LED PCB board design? If you communicate with other companies like PCB manufacturers or PCB designer companies, you must consider the unit […]

LED PCB board design Guidelines [Part 4]

We have discussed the SMT pad of LED PCB board design, it’s a series articles about LED PCB board design. We plan ten articles in this series, if you have any questions please let me know. Today we are going to introduce the angle design of LED PCB board. Route All Traces at 90 Degrees […]

LED PCB board design Guidelines [Part 1]

This post will discuss LED PCB board design issue. First of all Allen wants to claim most LED PCB design content from the internet. If you have any problems please contact us. And this post not only focus designers, because to learn more LED PCB board design, you will understand LED PCB board more clearly, […]

Top seven applications of LED light PCB board in developing country

Top seven applications of LED light PCB board in developing country There were many applications of LED light PCB board. But Allen wants to separate developing country and developed ones, because most developed country has use LED light PCB board produces normal products. This is different from developed, in those developing countries, there were few […]

DIY RGB LED PCB board assembly guide

DIY something is very happy thing for hobbyist. But for normal people, there were many diffcult to do it. So this post will discuss the detail process of RGB LED PCB board assembly. Before assembly RGB LED PCB board, you should have below tools: RGB LED tubes, RGB LED PCB board, power, line etc. First […]