LED PCB board design Guidelines [Part 1]

This post will discuss LED PCB board design issue.
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Avoid Placing Vias at the End of SMT Pads

This is especially important if the vias are not masked-over.
Placing vias too close to SMT pads will allow solder to migrate off the pad and through the via, resulting in a poor solder joint. Edge of via to edge of SMT pad should be .025” or greater whenever possible, and masking over the via pad is recommended.
Avoid Placing Vias at the End of SMT Pads-1
Note how the mask openings for vias and SMT pads run into one another.
There is nothing to block assembly solder flow.
Avoid Placing Vias at the End of SMT Pads-2
Here the openings for the SMT pads are reduced in size, and the via openings are
All solder will now stay on the SMT pads.

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