LED PCB board design Guidelines [Part 5]

Previous post, we have introduced the SMT PAD and angle of LED PCB board design.
This post will introduce a very easy to ignore point, it’s component assembly design.
Some guys may feel doubt to consider the position of component assembly during the design process.
Continue to read will give you a satisfactory answer.

Don’t Place Components Too Close to the PCB Outline

Place components a safe distance from v-scored edges and breakaway tab locations, so they will not be damaged during de-penalization.
Add reference tab locations into your PCB design so that you will be able to see immediately if a component needs to be moved.
Keep SMT devices at least.100” from the PCB edge (more whenever possible) and avoid hand-flexing when singleton after assembly.

Don’t Place Components Too Close to the PCB Outline
SMT pad is.036” from the PCB edge.
OK for a completely routed edge, but increase the distance to >. 100” if the edge is a tab or a v-score.

MCPCB experts recommend top 10 design tips: