LED PCB board design Guidelines [Part 6]

Previous post, we have introduced many tips on LED PCB board design.
This post we are going to discuss LED PCB board tip.
Did you know the tip of the Unit during your LED PCB board design?
If you communicate with other companies like PCB manufacturers or PCB designer companies, you must consider the unit exchange of your your LED PCB board.
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Never Export English-Unit Gerber or Drill Files at 2:3 Decimal Resolution

2:3 was a default setting back in the days when file size needed to be kept small,
for moving data files on flexible disks of limited capacity.
It is not appropriate for today’s dense designs.

Low resolution truncates off the last significant digit of your feature’s location.
Particularly on designs which use 0.5mm (. 0197”) surface mount devices.
Or large numbers of randomly-placed vias, the loss of this digit can cause a design which is perfect in its native CAD environment to yield from dozens to hundreds of Gerber spacing violations as you.0197” pad spacing is rounded to either.019” or.020” because of the missing digit.

Never Export English-Unit Gerber or Drill Files at 23 Decimal Resolution
Inadequate resolution can also play havoc with arc endpoints and polygon borders.
Always use at least 2:5 inch, or 3:3 metric.

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