LED PCB board design Guidelines [Part 9]

Component assembly related to the LED PCB board design.
This common sense is widely known, but how to handle the place of the LED PCB board component is really a problem for designers.

Size Your Component Hole Thermal Pads Appropriately

As with vias, multiple, closely-spaced thermal pads on component holes can end up overlapping to cause an open.
Another issue is that if the inner diameter is grossly oversized, there will be so much copper presents that the pad will no longer serve its thermal function (that of maintaining an appropriate high temperature in the barrel of the hole during the solder cycle.)
The inner diameter of your thermal pads should typically match the diameter of your external layer pads.

Size Your Component Hole Thermal Pads Appropriately
All vias in the violet plane areas are direct-connect, with no thermal pads and no small location dots. This is the correct appearance for vias connecting to planes.

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MCPCB experts recommend top 10 design tips: