LED PCB board design Guidelines [Part 10]

This is the last post of series articles about LED PCB board design Guidelines.
Allen wants to discuss the space between the two holes on LED PCB board.
Before we have discussed the holes design tip, but this post is different.
We will go deeper to introduce how to design a perfect hole.
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Allow Enough Clearance Between Unsupported PTHs and Adjacent Copper Features on Internal Layers

As design rules become increasingly tighter, this DRC error is becoming more common.
Multilayer PCBs need a minimum of.006” clearance from edge of trace to barrel of the hole.
There are many factors which affect dimensional accuracy of multilayers (drill runout, material movement, artwork scaling, multiple pinning setups) so design-in at least.006”, and more whenever possible.

Allow Enough Clearance Between Unsupported PTHs
This hole is only.005” from the trace, and shows up as a min space violation.
Hole to trace needs to be.006” min (more when possible).

MCPCB experts recommend top 10 design tips: