LED PCB strip assembly tips you should know

Now there were many tips on LED PCB design,
if you want more detail go to LED PCB board design guideline series articles.
But today we are going to discuss some tips about LED PCB strip.
You know most of LED PCB trade companies have also provided LED PCB strips.
Most of them also don’t know what is the right methods of LED PCB strip on the board.
So continue to read our MCPCB experts introducing.

How to assembly Flexible LED strip on a copper circuit board surface?

This issue is really a problem for most new LED strip assembly worker.
Even some of the small LED light manufacturer can’t assembly very well.
So you should learn more skills of assembly a flexible LED strip on the circuit board surface.
Densely populated flexible LED strip is suggested for installations when you are lighting a more transparent material and do not want a copper circuit board to show through.

The width of flexible LED strip assembly on the circuit board

There were many flexible LED strip suppliers from China.
But nobody tells you the right width of flexible LED strip.
Custom made with a 7-8 lumen LED, this flexible LED strip is as dense and as bright as it gets.
Yes, if you have custom requirements, this width depends on your custom LED PCB project.
We discuss is during a normal situation in this article.
Its slightly narrower 8 mm width is sometimes a desirable feature as well.
If you have better suggestions or LED PCB board strip assembly solutions, please let me know.
LED PCB strip assembly tips you should know