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The construction and thickness of multilayer PCBs

How multilayer PCBs are made? David have introduced many articles to discuss what is a multilayer PCB board. This may very easy for most people, but how to made a multilayer PCB was not very easy. This post will focus on construction of multilayer PCBs. First of all you should know multilayer PCBs have inner […]

Did you really know what are multilayer PCBs’ hole?

Why we discuss the hole of multilayer PCBs? What are multilayer PCBs is a very big question for the PCB industry. Not only due to complex construction of multilayer PCB, but also the manufacture process, especially the hole of the multilayer PCBs. So this post will focus on the hole of multilayer PCBs. The holes […]

How are multilayer PCBs made?

This post David want to introduce something related to how are multilayer PCBs made. If you have know multilayer PCB, you may learn that this is not just one type PCB board. Because all of PCB types may have several layers, and most of the time we called these multilayer PCB boards. The application of […]

LED PCB board design Guidelines [Part 10]

This is the last post of series articles about LED PCB board design Guidelines. Allen wants to discuss the space between the two holes on LED PCB board. Before we have discussed the holes design tip, but this post is different. We will go deeper to introduce how to design a perfect hole. Continue to […]