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Top TWO way to cost down FR-4 PCB boards

The FR-4 PCB base material is used widely in China We have discussed many articles about FR-4 PCB base material。 If you have read some of them, you may know the FR-4 PCB base material is used widely in China. Most of conventional multilayer PCB boards were used FR-4 PCB base material. There were many […]

Top 5 common problems of repair multilayer PCB board

Three assembly method of multilayer PCB board If you have assembly some electronic products, you will find more small, smart device to have more complex assembly methods. Most modern multilayer PCB boards use Surface Mount Technology (SMT), through-hole components, or a combination to form a hybrid SMT-through-hole component board. Electronic devices in our normal life […]

How are multilayer PCBs made?

This post David want to introduce something related to how are multilayer PCBs made. If you have know multilayer PCB, you may learn that this is not just one type PCB board. Because all of PCB types may have several layers, and most of the time we called these multilayer PCB boards. The application of […]