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80 percent PCBA engineers have know breakdown voltage

The definition of breakdown voltage The breaddown voltage is toward insulator and dielectric. If you know some basic electronic theory, ionization and conduction take place in a gas or vapour. So, as strong currents through insulator or dielectric may be ruptured. Breakdown Voltage of insulator This part we go deep in breakdown voltage of insulator. […]

Two types of Branched Conductor

The reason why we discuss branched conductor In this paper, we are going to discuss branched conductor. This is very professional PCBA glossary, most of the new PCBA designer doesn’t know. So, Emma wants to more guys know branched conductor definition. Normal branched conductor introduce First conductor is connected electrically two or more leads to […]

Bow V.S. Twist

You should know three factors of Bow The bow is a deviation. Usually the deviation from the flatness of the board characterized. And the characterized is about foughtly cylindrical or spherical curvature. Above three factors are basic points of Bow. Then, if the board is rectangular, the bow calculus method is different. Because its four […]

The secret of Boundary Scan

Why we discuss secret of Boundary Scan Some customers ask Emma the question about Boundary scan. This is a professional PCBA glossary, and most new PCB guys don’t know. Then 4MCPCB experts want to share more PCB and PCBA technology. We want to let more friends know boundary scan technology. Boundary scan is a method […]

Do you know border data?

Why we need border data? Now most of PCB manufacturers will design working Gerber file. If you have reviewed some working Gerber files, you will find that almost added some tool border or holes. In our PCB professional glossary called border data. Border Data definition Patterns that appear in the border area, such as tooling […]

PCBA engineers should know 6 basic skills

In this paper, we are going to discuss some skills of PCBA engineers should be known. May some friends say, as a PCB manufacturer should be introduce more multilayer PCB technology. In fact, most PCBA engineers know little PCB manufacturing technology. PCBA is short for Printed Circuit Board Assembly. The definition of Component Body In […]

PCB board thickness V.S. copper weight

The Definition of PCB Board Thickness The overall thickness of the base material and all conductive materials deposited thereon. From this definition, we know different layer PCB board have differing PCB board thickness. The different of PCB board thickness with the copper weight In normal person’s eye, most of them there can equal volume. But […]

Some common senses of PCB board density

You should know PCB board density PCB board density is a very professional PCB glossary. In some PCB design theory, PCB board density is high end definition. This means that most of new PCB designers don’t know this PCB density. Then 4MCPCB have summarized a series article about basic PCB glossary. The definition of PCB […]

4MCPCB experts introducing Blutter Coat of basic copper

Why we discuss Blutter Coat of basic copper This is very little basic copper definition. That’s the reason why most new PCB designers don’t know Blutter Coat. Frankly, Emma also don’t this professional PCB glossary. The definition of Blutter Coat of basic copper An external layer of resin over the reinforcing structure of base material. […]