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Three common sense related to PCBA

PCBA engineers must know Component package Nowadays, most of electronic component has been standardized size. And the standardizing component package makes it easier for PCBA engineers. Due to the size of component package is known, just consider other factors in PCBA design. 4MCPCB experts also note that there were still plenty of packages out standard. […]

How PCB Board type and Shape effect to PCBA?

PCB board type and its shape PCB have various board types, some of them are well know PCB board type, and the rest may not. For example, to most PCBA engineers choose rigid PCB board. That is the reason why PCBA companies handle rigid PCB board mostly. And few of them use flex or rigid-flex […]

How to calculate the begin turn time of PCBA?

In other words, When does the turn-time begin? If you have asked some PCBA companies, you may know different PCBA plants have differing calculate methodturn time of PCBA. That’s the reason why so many new PCBA engineers confuse this definition. Complexity effecte PCBA turn time As we know, there were many PCBA degrees. Simple PCBA […]

PCBA engineers should know 6 basic skills

In this paper, we are going to discuss some skills of PCBA engineers should be known. May some friends say, as a PCB manufacturer should be introduce more multilayer PCB technology. In fact, most PCBA engineers know little PCB manufacturing technology. PCBA is short for Printed Circuit Board Assembly. The definition of Component Body In […]